Tony Zarsadias: Co-Owner, Father, Athlete

Take a minute to dive into the life of co-owner Tony Zarsadias * & why he thinks we are the best in the business and offer clients an exceptional experience.

My name is Tony Zarsadias *. Before I got into real estate, I was a professional cyclist.

My physiology was average at best, but I excelled in racing because I worked hard, and no one was ever going to outwork me. In cycling, anyone can look the part or have the best equipment, but not everyone has what it takes, because you have to train hard to win.

You have to put in the hours on the road and in the gym. You have to be willing to push beyond your limits and give it everything you’ve got. You have to invest in yourself physically and mentally to be able to perform at your best.

Today, I approach my life and work with the same mentality. My company and I are dedicated to our field and our clients. We put in the long hours and late nights to deliver the results that you would expect from experts.

Tony Zarsadias *

*Personal Real Estate Corporation


Condos are investments and your investment deserves a professional. You deserve the best.

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