When you work with The Condo Group, you don’t just get the expertise of one Real Estate Agent, you get a whole team of MLS Award Winning Agents and four Administrative Assistants. We work together to ensure our clients have access to the specialized knowledge of all of our real estate experts. Together, we know every little detail about Greater Victoria’s condo and townhome market.

Our Mission Statement

The days of a Realtor who can do everything are gone. Real Estate buyers and sellers need one thing above all today: expertise. We at The Condo Group provide highly-specialized knowledge to help all condo consumers, whether you are buying or selling. Any real estate transaction can be complicated, but strata property transactions have the added complexity of having common / shared property which needs to be managed, maintained and planned for. Buying or selling a condo is like selling a business: it’s complicated. We’re here to simplify things for you.

Our team of dedicated condo experts have cultivated an extensive knowledge of Victoria, BC’s condo inventory, knowing which buildings are fantastic and which ones you need to take a more critical look at or avoid altogether.  As a seller, you receive our innovative marketing approach, exposing your property on the most effective marketing mediums. We are active on Google and several social media outlets, giving us the perfect platform to showcase your condo to targeted condo buyers, or help condo buyers find your condo. With a wide range of available properties and experience in Victoria, BC’s condo market, no matter what your budget, The Condo Group can help you find or sell your condo. You will make confident and informed decisions with us at your side. From the beginning of your real estate transaction, you will build a relationship with your individual condo agent and with our administration team. Every detail is looked after for you, leaving you with the headspace to focus on what feels right to you. We are here for you from beginning to end to answer any questions you might have and offer the right professional opinion or referral. With us, you can take a deep breath and know that you’re well looked after.

We are a team of conscientious professional people, and we treat people as we would wish to be treated. Our company culture reflects what we admire most in people: trustworthiness, genuineness, love of family and friends, transparency, fun, and passion. We work hard, and we play hard. We foster individual development on effective interpersonal communication, creativeness, and efficiency. We believe that we hire the best people, and our goal is to bring out the best of the best. We are involved in our community on many levels, from grass roots sports, to local organizations like Power to Be, the Mustard Seed and growing world changers like Change Heroes. We are a “green” company, not because of the status, but simply because it’s the right thing to do for our planet. At our core, we believe in leaving people off better than when we found them. Our goal is to set the highest standards for our industry, year after year. We’d like to reach a new high starting with you.

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Did you know?

We’ve helped over 2,000 individuals, families and investors buy and sell their strata-titled property. We have also marketed over 14 new condo developments, tour every new building in Greater Victoria and have read the strata documents for more than 400 buildings in Greater Victoria. We know the strengths and weaknesses of Victoria’s condo buildings and we’re on a first name basis with most of their property managers too! Whether you are new to new the world of condos or an experienced veteran, we can help.