Zoe Taylor

Born in Winnipeg and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, Zoe has a diverse vocational background, working in non-profit sector at the MS Society of Canada and The Hospital for Sick Children, and later gaining communications and medical technology-related experience with Cineplex Entertainment and Stryker Canada respectively. Before entering the professional field, she studied French and Literature at McMaster University, became a certified yoga instructor over a decade ago and has since trained in web-development at Juno College.

Keeping her mind nimble has always been the motivating factor. Her greatest passion is writing, having freelanced with a focus on grant and technical writing as well as helping small businesses develop their internal and external facing material. She continues to write in her free time, now shifting her focus towards creative content, hoping to someday pair this with her love of painting and illustrating. Zoe moved across Canada in early 2021, choosing to make Vancouver Island her new home after falling in love with the majesty of the scenery as a child when visiting her Grandparents in Nanaimo. Zoe takes a heart-centered approach to every interaction, ever-curious and keen to learn about new industries.