Our company is very proud of our environmental initiatives, and our focus on sustainability. Over the past years, we have been making changes to every aspect of our operation to reduce our emissions from commuting and driving to client appointments, paper usage and even the energy it takes to ship office supplies, make signs and turn on our computers!

Since 2010, we have reduced our total emissions by more than 50%! The Condo Group Real Estate, reimagined as Island Realm Real Estate, now runs with half the annual emissions of the average Canadian household, a footprint well below other businesses in our sector. We’ve also reduced our paper consumption by nearly 80% and have cut emissions from staff commuting by nearly half!

We work with the Vancouver Island Green Business Certification program each year to continue to improve our environmental initiatives.

We really enjoy working to be an environmentally-aware and responsible business. We have steadily reduced our environmental impact each year and we are not done yet!