Goal Setting for 2019

Setting Goals

As we approach the end of the year, many of us choose to reflect on the past 12 months thinking about what goals we set and whether we managed to achieve them this year. Goal setting and reflecting is vital, as making note of factors that helped us attain our goals while simultaneously noticing any elements that hindered our success will help us excel in achieving any future goals.

For us at The Condo Group Real Estate, we started our reflection by discussing why setting goals is a useful practice and some helpful tips to practice good goal making. We talked about how important it is to step outside your comfort zone when setting goals, while maintaining the S.M.A.R.T. elements: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Another point we all found to be surprising, yet logical, is the fact that when making personal goals you should not tell anyone, with the exception of a coach or mentor that will help accomplish it. When setting a goal, you are doing so for personal reasons thus it can be argued that if you start telling people, your subconscious will consider the goal achieved and therefore the likelihood of failure increases.

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S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Moving forward into 2019, it is time to think of new goals that could be possible in the following months. The popularity of ‘new year’s resolutions’ comes from people believing you get a fresh start in January, however many decided resolutions do not last partly because the goals set are unrealistic. In creating a goal, it is recommended to keep the five aspects of SMART goals in mind. The goal should be specific and written, it should be well-defined and clear about what you aim to accomplish. It should be measurable, meaning it should include ways to measure your success. Creating an attainable goal is understanding what skills or resources you need in order to succeed and considering you may need to acquire these skills. The goal needs to be realistic in time and ability. Finally, the goal should be time-bound by providing a date you hope to complete this goal by.

For example, using SMART goals you can transform the goal of buying a condo into:

“In 2019, I will discuss buying a condo with my financial advisor, I will meet with a real estate agent and visit potential properties, and I will make an offer by the end of the year.”

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Financial Goals

Many new year’s goals or resolutions are financially focused. Whether you are reducing debt or hoping to achieve a significant salary figure, these goals often fall apart a few weeks or months into the year. Why such high failure rates? With motivation down and an unclear path of how to achieve this objective it is easy to say ‘oh I wasn’t serious’ or ‘I’ll do it next year’. Financial goals can be one of the most important types of goals, therefore overlooking them can hinder the success of various other goals you hope to achieve.

One last piece of advice: surround yourself with people and environments that help you succeed; having a social structure that both supports and challenges you is important for achieving goals you have.

From all of us at The Condo Group Real Estate, we’d like to wish you good luck with making goals for the new year! Please get in touch with The Condo Group Real Estate at 250-382-6636 if we can help with your goals!


– Eryn White