Power to Play: The Condo Group Races Again

Power to Play 2016 was hosted on May 29, 2016, and Tony, Mike, Amy, and Kaley raced through Elk/Beaver Lake Park, completing challenges of varying degrees, targeting physical attributes and mental attributes. In three hours, we ran 10 km and completed 15 challenges, including taking a swim in the heartstoppingly-cold Beaver Lake or requiring us to work as a team with little to no verbal communication or simply asking for straight, pure, physical grit.

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The Condo Group raced through Elk/Beaver Lake Park in the 2016 Power to Play challenge!

Some challenges were frustrating, others mercifully easy, and the race was a lot farther than I have run in months, but damn, was the whole thing fun. Not only did we get to spend a gorgeous May day together, solidifying an already-strong team bond, but we also got to support one of the best charities in the province. While we were leaving everything on the race track (and finishing all challenges this year!), Power to Be was busy cheering and confirming the final tally of charitable funds raised by the corporate teams throughout the city.

And then, after we had a chance to find dry clothes and address sunburnt limbs, the Bard and Banker hosted an unbelievable celebration later that night with drinks and delightful snacks to ease our aches and pains and celebrate the money raised and the continued team spirit.

In the end, Power to Be through the Power to Play race raised $202,000, breaking their own record, to continue working with the community to make sure that kids with disabilities or who are disadvantaged get the chance to go play in our beautiful, natural backyard. British Columbia is one of the most beautiful places in the world (forgive my personal bias), and everybody should have an opportunity to experience it and make memories to last a lifetime. Power to Be evens the playing field, helping to make sure that we all can get out to play.

“You guys are doing so much better than last year,” Tony said to me and Amy, while we enjoyed the festivities at the Bard and Banker. And it was true: even though the bruises erupted over the following week and I couldn’t walk right for two days, we did do so much better. All of us.

And the countdown is on until we can do even better next year.