Motivation: Top Reasons to Buy or Sell

Whether you’ve just made a change in real estate, or you’re thinking about the possibilities for your future, there’s always a motivation that goes with your real estate decision.

Real estate experts have gathered the Top 5 Motivators to Buy or Sell a Home, we thought you might be interested to learn about them.

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Motivation: Top Reasons to Buy or Sell

More Space

Most people have to compromise on their first home, which typically means they buy something that works well for a little while, but is not an ideal amount of space for their long-term plans. We constantly see property owners that have outgrown their current space and are looking to upgrade to a home with more bedrooms, bathrooms, and overall space.


Distance to and from home and work means time spent commuting everyday. People start to evaluate what that time spent is worth to them. They will typically want to be closer to where they spend most of their time, whether that’s their place of work, children’s schools, restaurants or other amenities.

New Job

Jobs can make a huge difference in where someone wants to live. It may be a relocation that causes someone to move, or it may be a promotion that gives them the ability to upgrade to a home that better suits their needs.


Being close to family is important, many people will want to be closer to family members. We especially see this with new parents wanting to be closer to their family in such an important time of their family growth.


It’s common for homeowners to want a smaller home that’s easier to maintain as they get older. We will see people wanting to move into a condo from a house so that they don’t have to maintain a yard, or bigger ticket items that usually come with owning a house.

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— Amy Francoeur