Modern Condo Systems: Market Wire

This week Andrew Hrushowy, Haden Campbell & guest Catherine Wilson will be discussing the modern condo systems available in today’s developments and what upgrades that may be available to you!

Modern Condo Systems: Market Wire

Welcome to a special edition of Market Wire sponsored by Fortis BC your source for what’s happening in Victoria Real Estate! This is the channel you want if you’re looking to discover new developments, get market updates, learn real estate tips, and hear what makes each neighbourhood in this city special!

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Thanks to you, our customers, communities, and partners, we’re the largest energy provider in BC, and we’re putting more than 100 years of knowledge into creating a cleaner, healthier tomorrow for British Columbians. It takes a diverse team to create a lower-carbon future while providing safe and affordable energy. More than 2,400 employees work hard to provide natural gas and electricity to just over 1.2 million British Columbians, every day. Canadian-owned and BC-based, we work and live in your towns, cities, and neighborhoods. We believe in building stronger communities. And it is that spirit of community that drives us to be innovators in the energy sector, through the renewable and alternative energy solutions we offer homes, businesses, and transportation – in BC and beyond. There’s a lot to be excited about. Together with community groups, government, and industry, we’re ready to create, grow, and rethink the future of energy.


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