Live/Work Townhouses at The Arbours and The Quartet

Welcome to Market Wire, your source for what’s happening in Victoria Real Estate! Join Haden Campbell and Andrew Hrushowy for this week’s Market Wire as they take us through the Live/Work Townhouses at The Arbours and The Quartet.


Live/Work Townhouses at The Arbours and The Quartet

The Arbours introduces Brentwood Bay’s first live/work townhouses in the heart of the Village, taking the work-from-home concept to new heights. Split-level spaces are designed for service-oriented professionals, helping you save on your rent—and your commute.

The Quartet offers the warm welcome of a smaller community, but also boasts a wealth of adventure, culture and culinary opportunities. At the center of town, you’ll find The Quartet: a boutique collection of modern condos and live/work townhouses.

Learn more about The Arbours here
Check out The Quartet here

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