Lindsay Buziak: We Still Remember

Today is the eight-year anniversary of the murder of Lindsay Buziak, a 24-year-old realtor here in our beautiful, relatively safe city of Victoria. Even after all of this time, I still find myself at a loss for words to describe how I feel about this event.

We all remember hearing about this horrific crime, wondering how something this terrifying could happen in the upscale area of Gordon Head in broad daylight, let alone anywhere in Victoria. I can’t imagine the fear that rippled through the small community of young and ambitious realtors.

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Eight years later, the Saanich Police are no closer to solving the murder of local real estate agent Lindsay Buziak.

Being members of this industry, we are aware of the impact this crime had on our processes and ways we do things. We took for granted working in this city, I think, assuming our safety was a given. Now, somebody always knows where we are or where we anticipate on being and for how long.

Every year that passes by, I find it mind-blowing that there is no justice for Lindsay yet. At the very end of it, Victoria is a shockingly small town, where people know each other and are incredibly connected, maybe without even knowing it. Somebody somewhere in Victoria knows a detail to this crime that could help police solve this mystery. I truly believe that.

If you haven’t yet, you should watch NBC’s Dateline from 2011:

Link to Victoria Buzz’s post:

We won’t forget about Lindsay because she’s one of us, one of our own, and she deserves to have this case solved, once and for all.

– Kaley Walls