Home for the Holidays

The month of December often races by in a swirl of holiday parties, family gatherings, festive feasts and

extravagant present exchanges. This year, friends and members of The Condo Group had the opportunity

to press pause when Tony invited us along to a breakfast that he had sponsored at Our Place Society.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Our Place is a community centre located in downtown Victoria. They

provide a wide array of programs and services for the community’s most vulnerable members including

meals, clothing, shower facilities, a library, counseling, a multi-faith chapel, and most importantly, a safe

place where they are a part of a family and can feel at home.

“I had a truly humbling and amazing experience helping out at Our Place Society this

morning.” – Amy Francoeur

I speak for all of us who were there that morning when I say that we were deeply affected by the

experience. Not only were the staff of Our Place grateful and filled with joy, but so were each of the 300+

people that we served breakfast to – it is amazing how far a little bit of kindness can go.

“Everyone was so polite, they greeted us like friends. I wish we did the same when they are

on the street.” – Mike Janes

Thank you to Tracy, David, all of the staff, and everyone that we met at Our Place for welcoming us in to

your hearts that day – you have made a lasting impression on us, and we will all definitely be back to help

out again!

The existence of facilities like Our Place is of utmost importance in helping those in need. In our world of

plenty, please consider giving back and supporting this incredible organization – sponsor a breakfast,

donate clothing & toiletries, or simply volunteer your time.

‘Tis the season, after all. 

– Stephanie Meine

Our Place - Condo Group

More information here: https://www.ourplacesociety.com