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What can I learn about the Buying Process?

With over a decade in the condo business, we know how to identify problem properties and ask the right questions to help you find the right condo investment. Visit our Buyers page to learn more about working with us, or check out these helpful links from our blog:

Buying a Condo: What to Expect
Buyer Beware, and Do Your Homework
Negotiating Furniture in Your Real Estate Transaction
Appraisals: How Do They Play into Buying a Home?
Refinancing Your Mortgage? What You Need to Know

How do I view available Listings in Victoria

You can find a list of our listings here.  Alternatively you can search our database of all houses, townhouses and condos for sale in Victoria, BC by clicking here.

Where can I find information on a neighbourhood I want to move to?

Check out our extensive Neighbourhood Guides for everything Greater Victoria and Sidney has to offer..

Where can I learn more about new pre-construction opportunities?

Visit our Developments page to browse new projects, or contact us directly.

What is a Deficiency Walkthrough?

A deficiency walk-through is unique to new developments/buildings. It is a chance for a purchaser to walk through the property they are buying (with the developer or a representative of the developer) to ensure that everything is ‘as-new’ and point out anything that has been damaged. Learn more.

What is included in a New Home Warranty?

Homes built by Licensed Residential Builders in British Columbia are covered by mandatory, third-party 2-5-10 Warranty.  Find out whats included here.

What are Strata Documents & Fees?

When buyers are looking to invest in a condo or townhouse, one of the most popular questions is regarding strata fees, understanding what they are, why they’re necessary, and more importantly how much they cost. Many first-time buyers who have only previously rented may find strata fees to be high and thus need a full explanation of what they cover. Learn more about Strata Fees here, and Strata Documents here.

What is a Townhouse?

The technical definition of a townhouse, or townhome, is a dwelling with one or more levels that is attached to other homes. Usually this is a sidewall, and townhouses are often referred to as row homes. Homes like this are typically built at the same time as the adjoining homes as part of a development, and share common components. Learn more.

What is a COS (Court-Ordered Sale)?

Every so often, you will come across a listing on that is a court-ordered sale (COS). Although specific circumstances differ on each listing, a Court-Ordered Sale usually comes from a situation where a condo owner is unable to uphold their financial obligations to their lender, in which case the lender (through the legal system) is able to sell the condo to a buyer pending court approval. Learn More

How do I spot a leaky condo?

The leaky condo era was one of the most devastating things to happen to the condo market. In the 90’s when buildings started to be confirmed as leaky, demand for condos plummeted, as buyers were terrified of making the mistake of buying in a building that had water problems. When searching for an older condo, it’s important to stay informed and learn how to spot a leaker. Here are some tips.

What are Rental Restrictions & Strata Bylaws?

This a very common question asked by buyers looking to either buy in a building that is strictly owner-occupied, looking for flexibility if their situation changes and they need to rent their condo out, or strictly for investment purposes. Find out more information about these restrictions here, and specifically Pet Bylaws here.

What can I learn about the Selling Process?

After over 2,700 condos sold, we are dedicated to making sure you make the right choices when selling your condo! Learn more about Selling your condo here, or visit this helpful links from our blog  below:

Determining A Condo’s Value
5 Tips to Sell Your Condo Quickly

10 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home
Open Houses: How to Prepare

I am moving! Do you have any advice?

Yes! We have put together a comprehensive moving checklist here. You can also find more information on cleaning guidelines here

Can I sell my parking spot?

Buyers often ask us; “If we buy a condo with parking but don’t need it can I sell my parking spot?” Or sellers sometimes want to keep their parking space or sell it separately from their condo. The answer is typically no, but in some cases, you can. Learn more.

How long to condo buildings usually last?

Every building is unique. The need for maintenance, repairs and asset renewals varies depending on many factors, including: the quality of construction, design details, exposure conditions and the standard of care given by the owners and their facility management team. Find out more.

How do I become a REALTOR® at The Condo Group Real Estate, reimagined as Island Realm Real Estate, Ltd.?

Learn about a career with one of the most trusted real estate names in Victoria by visiting our Careers page.

What is Assessed Value versus Market Value?

 If you’re thinking of selling, be really careful to not use your Assessed Value as an indication of Market Value. There are lots of things that the Assessed Value does not take into account, like whether you’ve done recent renovations, or whether you need them. Learn more

What is Speculation Tax?

Do you own a home in a ‘taxable region’ of BC? Make sure you fill in your Speculation Tax Exemption Declaration. Learn more.

How do I tell if a condo is environmentally friendly?

The importance of being environmentally-friendly is paramount in our current climate, so you may be thinking of looking for ‘green condos’. At The Condo Group Real Estate, reimagined as Island Realm Real Estate,, we strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We have a quick checklist of some of the things that set more environmentally friendly buildings apart here.

What is on Condo Group TV?

We have 3 different channels on Condo Group TV to help you stay up to date on what is happing in the Victoria Real Estate Market. Learn more.

What is our Privacy Policy?

Here at The Condo Group Real Estate, reimagined as Island Realm Real Estate, Ltd., we respect the privacy of our clients and we are committed to keeping your personal information accurate, confidential, secure, and private. We have adopted this Privacy Policy to ensure that The Condo Group Real Estate, reimagined as Island Realm Real Estate, Ltd. continues to meet its commitment to your privacy.

What are our health & safety measures?

We remain committed to serving our community. In these challenging times, we will continue to serve you while ensuring your safety. Being proactive is important to us! Learn about our Social Distancing practises here, what you should expect when viewing a property here, how we stay prepared for an emergency here.