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We know how to weed through properties that aren’t going to be the smart investment. Together, we’ll find the perfect condo that’s going to meet your needs today, and make sure you’re educated on the building so you’re not surprised in the future (this is our super power!).


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Shopping for a condo is more complex than buying a single-family home

We will help you navigate all the details.

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Strata Documents

Condo complexes, otherwise known as strata corporations, have many important details that help you understand the financial implications of owning a unit in that building long term.

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Parking Options

You need to know whether you own your parking spot, and if you don't, what rights for you have related to parking, and what regulations exist that limit your use and affect re-selling your condo.

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Pet Policies

Many buildings have pet restrictions. If you've got a pet or two, you definitely need to know about restrictions related to size, type, and number.

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Common Amenities

If you’re looking for a rooftop patio, pool, gym or guest suite in your building, you need to know the limitations around use, and the costs associated with sharing these areas with your fellow condo owners.

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Ownership Rights

Your ownership in a strata differs from ownership of a single family home because of all of the shared walls, hallways, elevators etc. Knowing how much say and responsibility you have is important.

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Depreciation Reports

Your condo should have a plan to maintain and replace things in the building that wear out. You need to know how to read these reports so you buy with confidence.

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2,100+ Condos Sold

We've helped over 2,100 individuals, families and investors buy and sell their strata-titled property.


Developments Marketed

We have also marketed over 30 new condo developments, tour every new building in Greater Victoria.

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Condo Strata Reports Read

We have read the strata documents on more than 400 buildings.


Years in Business

We have been successfully connecting condo buyers with condo sellers in Victoria for over a decade.

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“Andrew, and later Mike, were exceptionally professional. They immediately built a great sense of trust with us.”


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