Sell Luxury

For owners who wish to sell their qualifying properties in our Luxury Collection, you will receive our undivided attention as we employ proactive marketing coupled with tireless perfectionism to ensure that your property sells for the best price in any market.

When you choose to work with The Condo Group Real Estate, your property will receive targeted online marketing, which means we actively advertise your condo to the buyers searching for the high-end and luxurious listings in Victoria, BC.

The tasteful and professional images we use in our marketing are our first point of reference with prospective buyers. We work with the renowned Joshua Lawrence Photography & Nick Boyle Photography and have developed a strong relationship with these local photographers. Their goal is to capture your property in the best way to ensure the most number of people can appreciate its assets and to ultimately strike a connection with buyers.

Once your property is listed, it will be featured on our Luxury Collections page of our website that, overall, sees over 4,000 hits per month. We will create customized brochures of your property, showcasing the key features of your home and surrounding land, and in addition, we will offer a link to a virtual tour, offering prospective buyers a unique method of viewing your property.