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Are you looking for condos for sale in Victoria BC? The Condo Group Real Estate, reimagined as Island Realm Real Estate, specializes in sales and marketing for condos and townhouses in the greater Victoria area. We are a dynamic group of professional real estate agents dedicated to Greater Victoria’s condo, townhouse & strata market.

Having helped our clients buy and sell in hundreds of different buildings in Victoria, BC our expertise in strata sales is unparalleled in the industry. We have a vast depth of knowledge of Greater Victoria’s neighbourhoods and buildings to help you find your next ideal home or investment opportunity.

We’ve helped over 2,700 individuals, families and investors buy and sell their strata-titled property. We have also marketed over 30 new condo developments and townhouses. We have been successfully connecting condo and townhouse buyers with condo sellers in Victoria for over a decade.

The Condo Group Real Estate, reimagined as Island Realm Real Estate, has evolved into the market leader in townhouses and condos for sale in Victoria, BC. 
We get more done and do it better because everyone in the company is set up to thrive. 
By having everyone focus on their 20% zone of genius, we can be 80% more effective.

That’s why we’re more than 3 times faster at selling condos and townhouses. And the condos and townhouses we market sell for an average of $10,000 more than other realtors. 
We love helping our clients find the perfect condo or townhouse home, and helping them move on when they’re ready.

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